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Dental Care

Your pet’s veterinarian is their primary health care provider, which means that your veterinarian is also your pet’s dentist. At Bayou Cane Veterinary Hospital, we perform dental services including annual examinations, digital dental x-rays, professional teeth cleaning, and extractions when necessary.

Dental disease is one of the most common problems that we see in dogs and cats because our pets are unable to brush and floss their teeth. Chewing is beneficial for preventing plaque, but it is often not enough. Neglected dental hygiene leads to a buildup of plaque on the surface of the tooth and below the gum line. Over time, the bacteria in the plaque leads to inflammation of the gums, the destruction of supportive tissues and bone which results in red gums, bad breath, tooth loss, gum infection, and pain. Periodontal disease is also linked to liver and heart disease and has the potential of shortening your pet’s life.

The best prevention against periodontal disease is regular professional dental cleanings and a good daily home dental care program.

Signs of periodontal disease include:

  • • Pawing or rubbing at the mouth
  • • Drooling
  • • Decreased appetite
  • • Change in eating habits
  • • Bad breath
  • • Bleeding from the mouth
  • • Aggressive behavior

If you notice your pet having any of these symptoms, it’s possible that periodontal disease is already in advanced stages. Bayou Cane Veterinary Hospital provides dental care to pets in Houma, Thibodeaux, Golden Meadow, and beyond.