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Digital Radiography

Digital radiography (x-ray) is one of the most commonly used diagnostic tools when it comes to the treatment of pets. At Bayou Cane Veterinary Hospital, we utilize digital radiographic equipment that allows us to take high-quality x-rays of your pet.

Radiography provides our veterinarian with images of the body’s internal organs and the skeletal system. X-rays may be ordered by our veterinarians to aid in diagnosing fractures, locating foreign bodies, discovering masses such as tumors, measuring organ size for disease, and diagnosing pneumonia.

In the event of an accident or possible broken bones, digital radiology technology allows our veterinarian to diagnose your pet’s condition immediately and provide the proper treatment. We also have digital dental radiography so that we can check for tooth fractures, oral tumors, periodontal disease, abscesses, and more.

Bayou Cane Veterinary Hospital provides diagnostic services for your pet. Here when you need us, we are just a phone call away.